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We Help Those In Forbearance!

Whether you had Covid, lost precious loved ones to the disease or went through a serious financial crisis, paying off your home is the last thing you need on your mind. Forbearance will only last for so long.
Foreclosure will ruin your credit score which can take 3 years or more of on-time payments to recover. Can you really afford it?
Don’t panic, we have your back here at Houze Buyers! We buy houses in forbearance. Plus, we can take it off your hands AS IT IS!

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No, your eyes did not deceive you. Whether your home needs major repairs or a whole renovation, we will purchase it from you. No questions asked!

You might have gotten some relief from deferring your mortgage, but it’s important to remember that lenders are not your friends. They will expect the payment they are owed once time’s up. If you have lost your job, are going through a divorce, lost a child or parent, chances are you are seriously strapped for cash.

We can take that burden from you! Sell your house to us no matter what state it is in. We will do all of the work.

Get the Best Offer in The Market

We are well aware of the local real estate market. That means we can buy your property at the best price. Just follow our simple no-hassle process:

Step 1 – Call Us!

Don’t let your property fester in the market. Call us and sell it right away by dialing (832) 753-6683.

Step 2 – Get a FREE Evaluation

We will come to you as soon as you call us to evaluate the property free of charge. Get an instant cash offer on the spot!

Step 3 – Get Your Money!

We don’t choose the closing deal, you do! Choose one that suits you and get your cash. No extra charges or commissions.
Selling your home in a market that is uncharted territory is not a good idea. We know exactly how much your property is worth with a single evaluation and can set an accurate price immediately.
No need to hire an interior decorator. In fact, you don’t even have to spruce up the place. We don’t judge and will ensure you can get a price that you can be happy with.

We Don’t Discriminate

We are fast, professional and will ensure you have zero stress to deal with during the process.
Don’t let a problem property or land become a cash leech. Sell it to us at Houze Buyers with zero obligations and no hassle.

You Have Nothing To Lose And A Better Future To Gain. Get In Touch With Us Today!