February 8, 2019

Getting Ready for Your Big Move

Did you recently sell your home to Houze Buyers and now you are getting ready for your big move? Wait, you aren’t thrilled? Are you feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin? When you are moving into a new house, it can feel overwhelming, and that is normal. When you are moving, it is more than an address change. It is a new beginning to start fresh and grow in a new area.

Have you been looking around your home and wondering what you are going to take and not take with you during this move? When you are moving, this is the perfect time to consider what no longer “fits” your life. During this time you can eliminate quite a bit before you even start packing! For example, maybe you have an ugly lamp from college that does notify your new professional image. Perhaps you may have hand-me-down furniture from family members that never really was your style, but it was free, and you kept it. This is the perfect time to pack only the things you really want during your big move.

Houze Buyers

How to Pack Your House

So, how do you go about packing your things? This is the time to unburden yourself! Grab a pack of brightly-colored sticky notes and begin color-coding the largest items in your home—your furniture. Work through one room at a time, placing sticky notes according to a color scheme. For example:

Hot Pink: I never liked it and I’m going to donate.

Neon Green: I love it, and I’m keeping it with me.

Bright Yellow – It’s okay, but not amazing. (Consider options, including offering it to family members, donating, or selling)

Once you have gone around your house and done this, eliminate the pink items from your home. If you plan to donate these items, arrange to have them picked up by a charity or schedule a time to get help delivering them to a donation center.

Next, start packing your green items into boxes for your move. Be careful with breakables to ensure that nothings broken during your big move. Finally, with your yellow items decide what is going to fit into your new pace with your green items. And then donate or give to family members, or friends what you do not want anymore.

An impending move is more than an opportunity to enjoy a new space or create a new home; it’s a chance to lighten your load and remake your environment to match your new life in your new space! If you are still looking to sell your home, contact Houze Buyers today. We will buy your home in any condition and you will have your cash in as little as 7 days. Do not waste any more time sitting in your home and give us a call today at 832-510-3100. We look forward to consulting with you, to see if this unique opportunity fits your situation and objectives.