May 24, 2019

If you have damaged property on your hands, you may be unsure about how to sell it. After all, there are not many people who would buy it. Going through a real estate agent is probably not an option for you, and it is incredibly expensive to repair damaged property. For example, fire or water damage takes a severe toll and may have ruined any potential of your home or land.

Selling Damaged Property to Houze Buyers

Conroe tx land buyers

If your land or home is damaged, selling it is your best option.

When your house takes on fire or water damage, this culls all possibility of it ever going on the market. Furthermore, repairs and fixes for these problems can be incredibly expensive. Instead of breaking your back and budget to repair this great burden, take a moment to talk with us at Houze Buyers. We buy mobile homes, manufactured homes, and land. We understand that these properties can very easily become a hardship in your life. Luckily, you don’t have to hold onto it because real estate agents won’t sell it. Houze Buyers can easily take it off your hands.

We Buy Houses With Fire or Water Damage

Even if your property has extensive fire or water damage, we will consider it for purchase. Water damage is incredibly common in Conroe and surrounding areas due to our proximity to the ocean and the high volume of rain. Similarly, Texas can also become a very hot place, and fires aren’t unheard of. Whether it was a natural disaster or a domestic tragedy, we will offer you a fair price on it.

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Options for selling manufactured homes in Conroe

Sell your house, land, or trailer to Houze Buyers.

When you want to speak with us at Houze Buyers, call us at (832) 510-3100. If you prefer to send an email to us, fill out our contact form here. Instead of letting this weigh you down, get into contact with us. Selling Damaged Property to Houze Buyers can be easy, all you need to do is give us a call!

Conroe was originally named after the lumberman, Isaac Conroe, who put our town on the map. To learn more about Conroe, visit this link.