March 25, 2019

What are people saying about Houze Buyers? Now, we can assure you all we want, but at the end of the day, you likely want to see what our previous clients are saying. We can show you our testimonials and talk about our company for your convenience. Furthermore, we can provide you with all the tools you need to get started in selling your property. Let’s dive in.

How Do We Help Conroe Homeowners?

By offering our services to Conroe homeowners, we are taking great burdens out of their life so they can move on. If your property is causing you nothing but a headache, you are not obligated to keep it. We help our community by paying our customers the cash that they need and helping them dodge the stress of traditional selling. You can call us anytime to hear more about what we can do for you at (832) 510-3100. Now, let’s move on to what the people are saying.

Sell your house to us!


Houze Buyers has a unanimous five-star rating on google reviews. This means that anyone who has used our service and left a review has felt we were the best of the best. Our clientele surely knows us best. Let’s see what some of them had to say about us.

James R. says, “These guys really know their business. They keep up with trends in the industry. They are very reliable and respond quickly. I highly recommend them if you are in the market to sell your home!

Sounds like James is satisfied with our service. Thank you for your great review and your business, James!

Allen A. left the following message. “My mother was in a bad situation…lost her job…her car broke down….she was done with Texas. Chris helped her so much, I’m so grateful we chose to sell to him…this man went above and beyond what I expected. He did everything he could to make it a smooth sale.

This is a paraphrased form of the message Allen left. He was pleased with how we had handled the sale of his mother’s home which allowed her to leave Texas for greener pastures. We are so glad we could help!

Peggie T. left a great review for us as well. “Excellent company! Chris was very helpful, knowledgeable and took the time to explain with details regarding the purchase of my home. Will recommend with eyes closed. A caring person that treated us like family.

Our customers speak for themselves. You can be just as relieved and satisfied as these happy people if you contact us with your property information.

Come Talk to Us at Houze Buyers!

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After you fill out our form, we will come to see your house for free. Keep in mind that we won’t be listing your property, we’re buying it ourselves! We charge nothing to evaluate it so don’t worry about extra fees. If we decide to purchase your property, we will make you a fair cash offer that can be accepted or denied at your discretion. It doesn’t matter to us what your house looks like. If it’s ugly and needs maintenance, we can still use it! Don’t worry too much about the aesthetic appearance of the property before seeing us.

If you’d like to seel your property to Houze Buyers, you’ll have to reach out to us! You can visit our website here to fill out a contact form or call (832) 510-3100. We are located in Conroe, TX. We can’t wait to hear from you!