March 29, 2019

What if I can’t sell my house? You may have a property that needs some repairs, maintenance, and cleaning. Because of this, you may not be optimistic about its sales potential in a traditional market. Before you can sell your house traditionally, you will have to pay for all of this to be done. Don’t want to waste your time or money? Neither do we. At Houze Buyers, we take both pretty and ugly homes and land.

Let’s take a look at some examples of how your home might look.

Does Your House Look Like This?

Traditional Homes

Messy house

As you can see, there’s nothing astounding or appealing about this home. Its bones do have potential, but you would have to put a tremendous amount of effort into it before that showed. Having a house like this would not disqualify you from selling to us. In fact, this picture is of a home we bought!

If you fill out our contact form, we can come to your aid and offer you a fair cash price. However, homes aren’t the only thing we buy.

Mobile Homes

Yes, before you ask, we do buy mobile homes as well. What is a mobile home? Defined, a mobile home is a mass-produced home that is easy to move around and consists of steel beams that can be placed on blocks as a foundation. Many people live in mobile homes because they are easily affordable and accessible. It doesn’t matter why you need to sell this home. You may not be able to pay for it or left it during a divorce or family feud. That’s okay with us. We will make cash offers on mobile homes just like we do with traditional houses.

We can buy your mobile home


We buy land as well! The land is a wonderful asset for us to have as well. You may be having trouble with it due to overgrowth, vandalism, or solicitation. Even if nothing is wrong with it, it may be just sitting there not being used. If you don’t have any intent to use it, why hang on to it? You could have cash in your hand instead and walk away free!

What If My Property Is Damaged?

Now, the worst kind of damage you could possibly have is likely water or fire damage. Unfortunately, water damage is a huge problem in Conroe and the greater Houston area. This is due to the fact that we are so close to the ocean and receive regular rainfall and hurricane seasons. Many Texans have had their homes put out of commission by water.

Fire damage is another huge issue. You may have walls missing or full of holes. That’s okay too. We can still offer you a fair price for your damaged property so you don’t have to suffer alone.

Contact Us at Houze Buyers!

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After you fill out our form, we will come to see your house for free. Keep in mind that we won’t be listing your property, we’re buying it ourselves! We charge nothing to evaluate it so don’t worry about extra fees. If we decide to purchase your property, we will make you a fair cash offer that can be accepted or denied at your discretion. It doesn’t matter to us what your house looks like. If it’s ugly and needs maintenance, we can still use it! Don’t worry too much about the aesthetic appearance of the property before seeing us.

If you’d like to seel your property to Houze Buyers, you’ll have to reach out to us! You can visit our website here to fill out a contact form or call (832) 510-3100. We are located in Conroe, TX. We can’t wait to hear from you!